Malaysia Scores Moderately on the Nation of Rahmah Index 2022

Malaysia Scores Moderately on the Nation of Rahmah Index 2022 | IKRAM

Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM) has conducted the Malaysia Nation of Rahmah Index Survey 2022 to gauge society’s perception on various aspects of the country’s progress. A total of 2006 respondents from across Malaysia took part. The first edition of the survey was carried out in 2021. 

Using a scale of 1 to 10, the study yielded a national average score of 6.47 – categorised as ‘moderate’ – with regard to the 12 Attributes of a Nation of Rahmah. Participants were asked to use the numerical scale to express how they felt the country fared in each of these areas, outlined in IKRAM’s model for a prosperous, thriving nation. This year’s score proved to be higher than the 2021 average of 6.09.

The three attributes which scored highest were Strong Family Institution (7.66), Harmonious Ethnic and Religious Relations (7.40), and Knowledgeable, Civil and Compassionate Society (7.32). The findings suggest that Malaysia is on the correct trajectory and that improvements can be made to concurrently realise the Malaysia Madani concept.

On the other hand, the attributes Good Governance (5.68), Stable and Thriving Economy (5.78), and Competent and Accountable Leadership (5.80) produced the lowest scores. This insinuates that the Unity Government must place utmost focus on efforts to revamp administrative affairs and governance, especially in eradicating corruption down to the grassroots level.

Even though the scores produced by the index do not act as absolute indicators, they nevertheless glean society’s relative perceptions on the nation’s current condition.

IKRAM is of the view that the Malaysia: Nation of Rahmah Index attests to the collective effort of various parties in developing the country. Subsequently, IKRAM as a non-governmental organisation is prepared to continue collaborating in such endeavours, parallel with the Malaysia Madani concept.

Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM)
3 April 2023

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