Wujudkan platform bincang prejudis kaum

Malaysia baru sahaja menyambut ulang tahun ke-64 kemerdekaan dan bakal menyambut Hari Malaysia beberapa hari sahaja lagi. Kemerdekaan biasanya bermaksud pembebasan daripada penjajah. Kemerdekaan juga bermaksud pembebasan daripada prejudis dan ketakutan yang menghalang negara daripada terus maju dan makmur.   Walaupun Malaysia telah mencapai pelbagai kemajuan dalam beberapa dekad yang lepas, kita masih lagi belum […]

Create platform for conversation on racial prejudice

Malaysia has just celebrated its 64th anniversary of independence and will soon celebrate Malaysia Day. Independence usually means unshackling ourselves from yoke and tyranny of colonial masters.   Moreover, it also means unshackling ourselves from deep-seated prejudices and fears which impede a country from moving forward towards greater progress and prosperity.   Even though progress […]

Form an inclusive government for the sake of the country

The turn of political events in the past two weeks was unprecedented, leading to feelings of dismay and disappointment among Malaysians in the face of worsening crises. As daily Covid-19 numbers worsen, recent events further increase the frustration and trust deficit to the Prime Minister and his government.   The Royal rebuke “amat mendukacitakan” following […]

Malaysia: Wither democracy or opportunity for complete overhaul?

After more than a year in the pandemic and with a state of emergency ending soon, Malaysia is facing crises like no other. While we are not yet a failed state, we have the potential of being one if the nation does not take a different course to arrest the health, political and economic crises we are currently in.

More dialogues and engagement needed to understand the Palestine issue

In Malaysia, the narrative for the long-standing Palestinian issue has been largely formulated and driven by the Muslims, with support from the government. Not surprisingly, the non-Muslims in Malaysia feel disconnected with the issue, which is perceived as confined to the Muslims or the Arabs only, leading to an apathetic attitude towards the issue. On […]