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Egyptian authorities, while having to deal responsibly to the popular uprising, must be sensitive to the ultimate demand of the Egyptian people regardless of social standing, group affiliation or religious belief. The Egyptian masses want and deserve a fundamental regime change. After three decades of repressive rule, Mubarak must admit defeat and failure. Thus it is time for him to leave the presidency.

Islam respects the basic human rights of all men. Egyptians deserve the right to self-determination. And no power on earth has any right over the sovereignty of Egypt which strives to be a democratic state where the Egyptian people would be able to choose freely, without fear, the leader and the government of their choice.

IKRAM also urges the present regime to release the imprisoned fighters of freedom and democracy, whose only wrong was to see their country be purged of a dictator and a draconian regime whose days are over.

It is the era for profound political change in the Middle East. Just a few weeks ago, it was Tunisia. It is now Egypt. The dominos may fall in other repressive Arab countries too.

Dr Mohd Parid Sheikh Ahmad

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