The Word Allah: Let Us Manage Differing Opinions Wisely!

Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM) would like to express our concern regarding the reaction of the Muslim and non-Muslim communities regarding the Malaysian Court of Appeal’s judgment on the 14th of October 2013 in relation to the use of the word Allah by the Herald – The Catholic Weekly newspaper.


As an Islamic-principled NGO, which believes that Islam is a religion from Allah and is a religion that brings mercy to the universe, IKRAM would like to invite all parties to take a wise approach in managing these differences in opinion.


This issue will be prolonged if it is appealed before a higher court, and there are many more pending cases and new ones that will be brought before the court. IKRAM is of the opinion that the act of referring to the courts is the right of every person to obtain just redress under Malaysian Laws. It is a commendable approach if other ways could not reach an amicable solution that satisfies conflicting parties.


IKRAM calls for:

1.  Malaysian citizens, regardless of ethnicity and religion, to work towards peace and harmony,

2.  all parties including the government, political parties, NGOs and the mass media, to promote understanding between ethnicity and religions as demanded by Islam and other religions and to cease religious and racist provocations,

3.  efforts to improve awareness and understanding among Muslims with the effective participation of all parties, including the government, NGOs and the media, in order to address the anxiety of many parties regarding the fragility of the faith of the Islamic community,
4.  efforts be intensified in providing better understanding of Islam among non-Muslims, and

5.  an increase in inter-religious dialogues and programmes so that mutual understanding and respect can be nurtured.


Ustaz Dr Mohd Parid Sheikh Hj. Ahmad


Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM)

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