Kenyataan Aqsa Syarif terhadap perpaduan Hamas-Fatah


The accord signed in Cairo and facilitated by the interim government of Egypt will set the stage for ending the discord that has split the Palestinian National Authority into the HAMAS government in Gaza and the rival Fatah government in the West Bank. Both leading Palestinian resistance factions have agreed to a common goal as announced by Khaled Mishal who lead the HAMAS negotiating delegate i.e. a state of Palestine with complete sovereignty based on the 1967 borders and Jerusalem as the capital, complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem which implies the dismantling of Jewish settlements and the rights of return of Palestinians to their homeland. The reconciliation of the previously rival factions also hasten the process of opening of the Rafah crossing by the Egyptian interim government, thereby breaking the siege laid by Israel on Gaza since 2007.

Aqsa Syarif also commends President Mahmoud Abbas for agreeing to resolve fundamental differences with HAMAS thereby risking US sanctions and fiscal aids. The reconciliation with HAMAS also means that FATAH will invariably ends the on-going peace negotiations with Israel.  Israel  view the development as a tremendous blow to peace.

Aqsa Syarif expresses our unwavering support for the reconciliation effort and has complete trust on both parties to work towards a unity government based on the National constant and aspirations of the Palestinian people. Aqsa Syarif calls upon the world community to view this development as the long-awaited solution for a lasting peace not only for the oppressed Palestinians but also for the aggressor Israelis to accept the same. Aqsa Syarif has never doubted a united Palestine will hasten the peace process with freedom for Palestine from the Zionist yolk as the ultimate goal.

Congratulations to HAMAS and FATAH for putting the national agenda above their respective political sentiments. Congratulations to the Palestinian people for bringing together antagonistic tendencies and turn them into the best hope the Palestinians could ever have in many years of their struggle. Congratulations to the government and the people of Egypt for creating an atmosphere that is viable for both parties to embrace each other in the true spirit of the Palestinian aspirations.

Aqsa Syarif

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