IKRAM condemns the death sentence on Jamaat-e-Islami leader

During the judiciary process, we strongly believe that there were irregularities that led to a disputable judgement, made in a hasty manner and in violation of the universal principle of justice and fairness.

There were obvious questionable doubts and anomalies such as a defense witness being abducted, leaked communications showing systematic collusion among the judges, prosecutors and outside parties, and reports of gross obstructions against the defense teams. These disturbing stories emerged from the Court through out the hearing.

Muslim leaders of Bangladesh, a Muslim country, must be reminded of verses from the holy Quran on Allah the Almighty’s order to be fair and just to mankind. We must always remember that one of the glorious virtues of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is justice.

“God commands justice and fair dealing…” (An-Nahl 16:90)

“O you who believe, be upright for God, and (be) bearers of witness with justice!…” (Al-Maidah 5:8)

“We sent Our Messengers with clear signs and sent down with them the Book and the Measure in order to establish justice among the people…” (Al-Hadid 57:25)

Today, The Supreme Court had just upheld the death sentence thus reversing the stay of execution.  We call upon the Bangladeshi government to stop this judicial murder and order a retrial in a court that applies international standards in terms of procedures, fairness and transparency.

We also call upon the Malaysian government to exert its influence on Bangladesh to ensure that justice be done and be seen to be done.

Ustaz Dr Mohd Parid Sheikh Hj. Ahmad


Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM)

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