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Awaken Your Soul with IKRAM

IKRAM aims to inspire people through self-improvement and spiritual enhancement in order to reform society, enjoin good and hinder wrongdoing. IKRAM advocates the development of a Nation of Rahmah, where equality and justice produce peace and prosperity amongst people and where environmental sustainability prevails. Let’s work together with the community on this noble journey!

Organisational Values

IKRAM helps Malaysians in seeking true Islamic knowledge and aims to be part of a trusted community. We provide understanding and a good environment so that they are able navigate life with clarity and without misunderstanding. This allows them to live and practice the true Islamic way of life and strive to defend and uphold the truth, in order to build the envisioned Nation of Rahmah.

OUR RAHMAH Community Development

Our History

On 22 October 2009, the foundations were laid down in religious faith, conviction and sincerity to develop a rahmah and prosperous society.

This developed into the movement today known as Pertubuhan IKRAM Malaysia (IKRAM) that aspires to become a luminary source of inspiration, guidance and unity for the people of Malaysia.


Malaysia, A Nation of Rahmah

Malaysia, A Nation of Rahmah is a nation that manifests the merciful nature of Allah SWT towards His creatures and is harmoniously governed in accordance with His sharia.

Under its auspices, the people live happily, love and respect one another and work together to build a country that is safe, advanced, prosperous, harmonious and blessed in the diversity of religions, nations, backgrounds and cultures.

This is the Nation of Rahmah that is envisioned by IKRAM, in line with the concept of Baldatun Tayyibatun Wa Rabbun Ghafur (a good land under a Forgiving God).


To contribute to the development of a safe, prosperous, harmonious and blessed society and nation.

To spread true understanding of Islam to all Malaysians.

To develop qudwah (exemplary) Muslim personalities who are soleh (pious), musleh (call towards good) and able to lead change.

To care for and safeguard the welfare of the needy.

To mobilise, promote and support effective and beneficial change initiatives.



Interfaith Harmony Committee

IKRAM President, Hj Badlishah Sham Baharin has been appointed as a committee member of the Interfaith Harmony Committe (HARMONI) for the 2023-2024 session.


Malaysian Assembly of Islamic Movements

The Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) and its subordinate agencies aim to collaborate with HGIM as Strategic Partners in the endeavour for the development of Islamic understanding as well as the empowerment of callers to Islam who carry the message of justice, excellence and balance.


The All-Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia

Hj Badlishah, IKRAM President, has been appointed as a member of The All-Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia (APPGM) on Integrity, Tadbir Urus (Governance), and Anti-Rasuah (Anti-Corruption). The APPGM aims to ensure systemic and legislative changes that enhance integrity, governance, and anti-corruption initiatives in Malaysia.

Majlis Penasihat Pendidikan Kebangsaan

Prof Dr Omar Yaakob (IKRAM Education Chairman), has been appointed as a member of the National Education Advisory Council (Session 2023 – 2025).

Anugerah Khas MADANI 2023

IKRAM was awarded the KASIH MADANI 2023 Special Award in the category of Non-Government Body – Mesra Keluarga Initiative during the Launching Ceremony of National Family Month November (BKK 2023) in Dataran Putrajaya, presented by Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

What they say about IKRAM

Faris Nazrin introduced us to IKRAM.

Easy-going people.
Went on trips that introduced me to other people and their family members, even though I wasn’t a member of IKRAM. Relaxing and great programmes!’

Muin Sani

This is where we learn to recognise Islam as a way of life, not just an inherited religion.

Alhamdulillah, we are still in good standing with IKRAM.

Fauziah Zainuddin

(I attended) Standard One under IKRAM’s chain of schools until Form 5, then went to university and attended IKRAM’s usrah (knowledge gatherings). Then I went on to teach in one of IKRAM’s schools and when I was transferred to teach in another place, I stayed with IKRAM.

Aqilah Musari

IKRAM & (their slogan) Brotherhood, The Foundation of Glory extend beyond borders. I am reminded of the 2012 Aqsa Aid Mission to Gaza, our struggle for the Palestinians where we channelled contributions from Malaysian directly to residents of Gaza. Now it (the mission) has expanded to other countries under MyCare.

I hope IKRAM continues to champion the ummah and espouse mercy across the globe.

Ummuubadah Hayat

IKRAM Central Committee Session 2022-2026

Hj Badlishah Sham bin Baharin


Jusni bin Yusoff

Deputy President

Prof Dr Hanim binti Salleh

Vice president

Ustaz Hj Burhanuddin bin Lukman

Vice president

Hj Shahrul Aman bin Mohd Saari


Hj Ismail Yusoff bin Awang


Ustazah Hjh Sallawahiu binti Mohd Salleh

Wanita IKRAM Leader

Khairul Anuar bin Kamaruddin

Head of IKRAM Muda

Khubaib bin Azahari

Assistant Secretary-General

Ustaz Dr Hj Syazalie Hirman bin Ahmad Najib

Education and Human Capital

Ustaz Dr Hj Hajar bin Opir

Overseas Member Affairs

Dr Hjh Diana binti Katiman

Overseas Member Affairs

Dr Maznah binti Ahmad

Member Welfare

Dr Hjh Sabariah binti Baharun

National Agenda (National Unity)

Prof Dr Hj Omar bin Yaakob

Institution Building

Hj Ainullotfi bin Abdul Latif

National Agenda (Progressive Society)

Mohammad bin Abdul Hamid

National Agenda (Economic Prosperity)

Hj Roslan bin Mohamad

Community Education

Hj Azman bin Abd Rashid

Strategic Communication

Ahmad Ammar bin Ahmad Termizi

Student Affairs

Hj Mohd Fadzil bin Salleh

Economic Empowerment, Education and Human Capital

Dr Hj Hasbullah bin Ashari

Strategic Engagement

Are you inspired by our vision to develop a Nation of Rahmah? Do you want to be part of this transformational journey?


Masjid Al Muqarabbin, Taman Angsana, Kulim

Sungai Petani

Masjid Bandar Perdana, Bandar Perdana Sg Petani

Kubang Pasu / Alor Setar

Masjid An Nur IPG Kampus Darulaman, Jitra


Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah, Pekan

Pahang Barat

Surau RPSB Kg. Pagar, Penjom, Lipis

Pahang Barat

Surau Al Hidayah, Kg Melayu Sg Lui, Raub

Kota Samarahan

Masjid Al-Malik, Taman Uni Garden

Maaf, anda perlu bayar untuk dapatkan kajian ini. Sila hubungi pihak KADRI untuk info lanjut melalui email [email protected]

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